MSC Divina 2 September 2015 Barcelona

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MSC Divina 2 September 2015 Barcelona

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Zijn er toevallig nog meer forumbezoekers die op deze trip meegaan? wij zijn op zoek naar mede passagiers die eventueel samen met ons een semi/prive excursies willen boeken ( 8 tot 12 Pesonen )

Na enig onderzoek willen wij 4 September onderstaande tour gaan boeken vanuit Napels:

POMPEII AND THE AMALFI COAST TOUR - the best shore excursion from port

We start this tour from your ship and travel to the 'frozen' city of Pompeii - The city is covered in ash since Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. In this special site, surrounded by lavish temples and porticoes, our expert, English speaking guide will demonstrate and show you everything there is to know regarding life of the ancient Romans as they were. Watch houses & shops, walk through the narrow street lanes, stop by theaters & Baths 2000 years old! You will admire original Roman fresco paintings, mosaic floors and inscriptions. This is a must site to visit and you better do it with an expert guide. Hop back on board our van and head back to the coast to discover the enchanting Amalfi Coast, passing pastel-colored towns etched into the hillside and thriving fishing ports framing the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea. We will reach Sorrento which is a beautiful town after 45 minutes. Here you may spend some time for lunch or shopping. Positano another a beautiful village on the Amalfi coast, is only 40 minutes away and we will get there after lunch. Enjoy fantastic panoramic views from here, and get the chance to take some amazing photos. We will then head to Amalfi which is about 50 minutes away. Before we actually reach Amalfi a nice surprise awaits for you: time permitting we will visit the Emerald Grotto, the cost is about 6 Euros and it's worth the visit. We will descend using a lift inside a damned rock. When we reach the bottom, small boats with local guides will wait for you. You will be taken around for a tour with explanations on what you see in this special cave. This Emerald cave is named after it’s under water phenomena: when the sailor hit the water with the oar, the water turns to emerald color. After the visit to the cave we will reach Amalfi, where you may visit the beautiful cathedral on your own or simply enjoy a break before we return to port. This is by far the best shore excursion from the port of Naples and with our expert guide in Pompeii, you are guaranteed a memorable shore excursion for a life time.

Cost 69E per person only.

Entrance fee Pompeii: 13 Euros

Entry fee Emerald cave (optional): 6 Euros

Tour Duration: Aprox 8 hours.



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